tria – best invention ever

All of us women are trying to look our best at any age. But how do we manage to do that without going under the knife? Me, for example I am too scared to do that and I think it is too soon in my 40 to take this step.

My friend, who is a doctor, convinced me to try laser on my face. It supposed to boost the collagen in your skin and also to tighten the skin after a couple of sessions.

I did a couple of sessions, the first 2 were amazing, I could see immediate results. But after that nothing. Why is that? is it because your skin gets used with the machine? Even the doctor could not explain. Well, I was disappointed at first.

Then I said to myself to try it again, so I bought one device to try tria hair removal. I didn’t want to spend too much money and this seemed the best choice. Well, I have it for more than one month, and I am very pleased with it. I do see a difference every time I use it, and that difference I see it on my face for 4 days or so. I think it’s fantastic. I am amazed by it and I would recommend it to anyone who want to see a little improvement to their face.

After this device, I’ve notice on their website they also have laser machine for hair removal. Again, I was tempted to try it and so I did. I purchased the TRIA 4X laser and I am happy that I did it. Again, I could see immediate results and lasting one. I could not feel too much pain as I’ve read on some reviews that people had. For me it wasn’t a problem, not at all. But even if you can feel a little pain I think it is totally worth it. You should see my fine and hairless legs. Best investment ever from my part. I am so impressed by this company and I do hope they keep come up with good beauty products from now on. Good job tria, and welcome to my life! Hope we have a long journey together!

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